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Good Afternoon, I pray the blessings of this day overtake and consume you! My wife, Debbie, and I were truly blessed by each of your testimonies yesterday at Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain. We will be forwarding the link to your website to many others. Your message was particularly relevant to us, because we recently left a Baptist church at which we had been involved for a number of years. Even though our experiences were different from yours, they were also very similar. We pray God will continue to bless each of you abundantly as you continue your ministry. Grace & Peace Arvester & Debbie Faulkner
All praise and thanks to God in Christ Jesus! Incredible ministry. God has surely used you and is using you. His calling is all over you and your ministry. Your music and testimony has been a true blessing to me and my walk, and my family and all who I have showed it. God bless Adam's Road. The Lord keep you friends. Nice meeting and talking with you this morning. Brad @ Calvary Chapel Houston/Friendswood.
your concert and testimony tonight at Fellowship was incredible!! Praise God for what you do using the gifts He has given you. Will be praying for your ministry as you travel and share Jesus!
My church came to listen this past Sunday in Springfield Twp, Ohio at their Baptist church. My husband and I were so inspired by your music and wonderful testimonies.How much you gained even though relationships were lost. Bless you.You touch so many...
What a blessing and encouragement your songs and testimonies are! My family was greatly moved. Praise the Lord for your talents in music and singing and that in this way you can spread the Good News of the love of Jesus Christ. Remember the Lord in all you do. May you ever live to glorify Him. Blessings, Schylie
What a blessing, enjoyed the music and testimonies. Praying for travel safety and wisdom for you as you minister to the people.
Well, I had the privilege of seeing this group twice last weekend and it was great. Strong, heartfelt testimonies and great music. A wonderful time.
god bless you
You all are amazing and so very inspiring! Just came from being blessed by you at the Middletown Church of the Nazarene!!! WOW! What a Blessing. Thank God how He works; amazing journey so far. Than you for all you do and have done for so many. Praying for you and all your families. May healing come. Remember: God Loves You!
Will you ever come to New York? I live in New York, and would love to hear your testimonies and music.
Thank you for finding a way to help others to Christ. I cannot express how much I have felt today as a result of learning about you and your ministry.
Praise the Lord for what God has done and is continuing to do through you guys and your testimonies!
One of the best, most sincere and humble ministries around. I don't think even you guys know the impact you make and the lives you change. :)
Checking out your site after seeing some of your stories online and also listening to a podcast on Out of Mormonism. Very inspiring. I'm a returned missionary, married in the temple, trying to find the correct way to distance myself from the false teachings of the church while keeping my family in tact. Thanks for your courage and for sharing your stories.
Adam's Road Band, I am grateful to see your enthusiasm for the ministry in which you are now engaged. I served a two-year mission as well. I studied the Bible, especially the New Testament, before, during, and now after my mission. During my mission I had the chance to teach and be taught by a number of pastors, passionate Christians, and even the occasional biblical scholar. I can honestly say that my faith was strengthened through my encounters and my study of the biblical text. This is not the correct venue for a discussion of theology, so I will not attempt such a thing. God bless you for being committed to the truth as you understand it. I will stand by the truth I have found and my faith in the Savior Jesus Christ. Best of wishes.
Yes for good love in Christ with joy today and be sowing our seed in pleasure of the Lords hearts desire that we amy do so much we can and be fruitful in in goodness and in blessing of heaven with us for Christ,thakns and bless and pray,keijo sweden
Saw you guys at Grace Church the other night. Awesome stuff! Look forward to see where God is taking your ministry, I think he is going to do some amazing things with you guys. Keep fighting the good fight of faith my brothers!
I absolutely love your ministry! You all have shown me that even though there is a cost to following Jesus, it is all worth it! I love your music and I will be praying for you and your families! :)
Thanks for your beautiful inspiring music. I recently heard of Adam's road, while researching ex Mormon's. So happy, I found your page. I know your music will bless many. I plan to pass your music on to others.
Your testimonies and music are a blessed inspiration. I sat enthralled during the entire performance. May God richly bless you and your ministry, which is so needed in today's world. Thank you for the CD. I will send your web site & message to my Christian E-mail address list.
All, I was so blessed by the Sacred Groves video I saw on YouTube last evening. At times, I have entertained 'elders' in my home or other whereabouts and have had a heartfelt concern for their ignorance of the true Gospel. I am an avalanche survivor and have severe depression at times, and still in a way suffer from trauma, really I believe it is PTSD before it was called PTSD. The avalanche was in 1986. Well, I've been a believer since 1976 when I was 9 years old, but it was a belief in the God "up there", not within. The avalanche 10 years later showed me that God and the power of salvation is within, though I lost my best friend that morning, deep in a crevasse. Well, I would love to share more if anyone is interested in my testimony. And by the way, I am a classical guitarist, inspired by Nature, Mountains, and the sublime things of life, and I'm new to your music, but I would love to learn and listen more. Tom Waller Kent, Washington 253-347-1655
Wow, what a blessing is your band! Thank You for singing the gospel message Thank you for singing about grace from scripture God Bless You and Guide you is my prayer Wayne Risley
Your stories are incredible displays of God's power and grace that can work through the hearts and lives of even the toughest people around - those in the LDS faith. Praise God for the work that He has done in and through you! I. love. Mormons. I've been meeting with missionaries off and on for the past 6 years, am in some deep conversations with LDS friends now, and have a huge burden and heart for sharing the Gospel with this people group. Thank you for your encouraging facebook statuses, verses, testimonies, music, and really helpful resources. God bless you all! "Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist." 2 Timothy 4:1-5
If you come out to Colorado, I can help and recommend some churches in the Colorado Springs area that may appreciate your ministry. Have read Lynn's book and so enjoyed the video of "Unveiling Grace"!!
Awesome group and testmonies! I was priviledged to see you at Calvary Chapel in Idaho Falls, ID. I met Lynn for a brief moment. I am an ex-mormon now for 30 years and a Chistian for longer. I just finished reading Unveiling Grace and was overwhelmed at the Wilder family journey, much of which I experienced many years ago. Thank you for your ministry and keep up the wonderful work of bringing people to our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Janice McBride
I have been to plenty of their shows to say their presentation is really beautiful. They are a musical ministry, but they use their music to support their testimonies. It was in one of their shows that I was really convicted of their message. As I found facts about the LDS church that were just impossible to reconcile, they helped me to truly look to Jesus and there is no mediator between God and myself. It didn't happen all at once but they have always been there for me. Their music increases your love for Christ. Humblest and most loving guys I have ever met.
Saturday and Sunday at the Hotel with everyone there with my girls Taryn and Tessa was wonderful and blessed day , thank you , Lew
Just finished Unveiling Grace. Wow what a testimony! God's grace is amazing , and your witness is powerful. Thank you for sharing His love through song and the book.
I would like to to thank you all for your beautiful music. I love I would die for you and No greater love. I am still Mormon but just until I can safely resign my membership while in my own apartment, I am living with my parents. But keep up the great work. Thanks.
I would personally like to say that hearing the witness of all of you on the DVD of Unveiling Grace was inspiring. I , too have resigned my membership of the LDS Church one year ago. I thank God for your courage and will hold you up in prayer for your ministry. It IS all about relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Blessings, Gail
It was the highlight of my day today, to hear Matt play in the Edgewater Hotel lobby. Your piano skills are truly amazing. And to learn you composed those songs I heard...all I can say is wow!! I would love to hear when you play locally, so that I can bring my family. And thank you for the CD. I can't wait to unwrap and listen to it! Thank you so much. With love & gratitude...
Just wanted to let you all know, your personal stories and your music have been inspirational to me. Praise God for His Word, and HisTruth! My wife is Lds and you all give me so much hope! I too, will be praying for all of you and the ministry. God bless.
loved you guys at 412 church in san jacinto calif
I am a former Mormon. I am so blessed to have been led to the truth.
I have used your DVD in my adult Sunday School class at Avondale Baptist Church in Kansas City Mo. I am thankful for your ministry and keep up to date on you ministry on facebook.
Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well. I really appreciate your ministry. Our Daughter in Law and her parents are Mormons, and you and your family give me so much hope for what God can do. We pray for them daily, for God to open their eyes and hearts.... And that their names will be written in the Lambs book of life! Please pray for them too. God knows their names. Praying you and yours are all fine and hope to see you back in California next year. God Bless and have a very blessed Christmas!
Thanks for all you have done in sharing the teachings of our Savior. I have been strengthened by the music you've all made available and am thankful for the personal experiences you have all shared. My your lives be full and happy. Love you all
I think your group is great and i hope the Lord will use your group to bring my sister back to the way she was raised. You three guys are so blessed and i thank the Good Lord for rescueing you. I share your page on FB so others can see and so my sister can see.
So appreciate the ministry of Adam's Road along with the whole Wilder family! Hopefully I will get to see you all when you come to Colorado.
Enjoying our stay at the Edgewater B&B with the Band
I LOVE your ministry and how GOD changed the heart of one young man and he shared with his family The Good News of JESUS CHRIST and the freedom found in HIM!! GOD bless you guys!
we are praying for you! I love that you are Gods mission now! Thank you for the Truth.
met ya'll at joshua springs,calvary chapel. praying daily for you and your ministry.
I just want to say that my husband, Rick, and I appreciate your ministry so much! Your concert, in Boise, (ECC) was powerful, and we're thankful for your heartfelt music and lyrics direct from God's precious Word. Last night, we had the privilege, too, of hearing your parents speak about their conversion to Christ. Thank you for being faithful, living testimonies of God's grace! We will read your mom's book and continue praying for and witnessing to our Mormon friends and neighbors. Also, we would like to revisit your site, soon, to buy some of your music. Thank you, again, and may God continue to bless you with every spiritual blessing in Christ!
I am so favor ful for grace and for born of the lord in the HOly Spirit and my joy are to tell about Jesus and his bloods victory to be save from fire of hell and be forgiven and be so thankful for life in exciting pleasure to move on in pace and harmony,thanks and bless,keijo sweden
I love the Lord and want to see Mormons delivered from the father of lies
What a ministry you truly have...I pray that I am able to use some of your suggestions as I work in a highly LDS area and have had numerous LDS employers...I pray that their eyes will be opened to the truth of grace and the sacrifice of our Lord Yeshua ha Mashiach...
Thanks to Micah for speaking honestly and directly to the college age and HS SR classes. You helped them understand the need to show love while talking to Mormons, as they are people that God loves as much as He loves us. I also want to thank Micah for pointing out the need to read the Bible constantly.
good music way go keep spreading the word in Music .
God bless you guys as you head home to your wives and kiddos. What an incredible BLESSING it was for us to have you in New Braunfels. Looking forward to our next opportunity to partner with you in proclaiming the gospel!
Thank you for an incredible evening of music and testimonies. Your ministry is such a blessing to all who hear it. May God and our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and your families as you share your stories and music with the world. I will pray for you as you reach out to others and spread the love of Christ. God speed.
I am a Mormon with questions about the truth of this church I am reading the "Unveiling Grace". I feel as Micah's family and believe in the Saving Grace of Jesus. I am ready to take off my Garments as they did. Thank Lynn for helping me come to this truth. I was a Convert since 1967.
Your music is such a blessing to my husband and I. Thank you for all you do to further Gods kingdom!!
I was at Calvary Downey last night was just checkin on your hubby hows he doing?Enjoyed sun and monday i was ministered to!God Bless you all
I just finished reading Unveiling Grace and am praying for you and God's blessings on your lives! Wow, what an Awesome GOD!
Just wanted to say I love you all and am happy that God crossed our paths. You all have encouraged me in my own faith. I hope we meet again. Keep proclaiming our Lord and His love, mercy and grace! Amen!
My girlfriend and I heard the testimonies today (9/22/13) at Calvary Chapel Downey and were both left in awe! Amazing I feel like a better person just hearing your testimonies! Thank you! God Bless!
Thank you for coming to 412 church, your testimonies and music are amazing. May the lord give you blessings as you coninue your work
Just saw your tour bus on the I-20 coming out of Dallas! Praying for God' protection, provision and guidance in all you do! Hope to see you guys in Gilbert, AZ someday. Praise The Lord for His testimony unfolding in each of your lives. God bless!
Just passed your bus on I10 near Tallahassee and looked you all up! You have an awesome ministry which I am sure God is blessing! ! Many Blessings to you all, the Kaufman Family
Awesome. I too left the church after 50 years. ( inactive for many) I was saved 8 years ago. Hope has returned, I love the word, I love to sing praises, Glory to God. As a Mormon after my first sexual sin, Hartman Rector came to talk, he said, " I would rather my daughter be hung by the noose till dead than lose her virginity" I also wanted to die at age 17. There now I AM FREE. I pray for you, I respect you. My family are all devout, being related to Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Oh well. I would never make that Celestial Kingdom. WHY? I will be Raptured with MY SAVIOR!!!! Bless you, please keep in touch!!!
I finished the book "Unveiling Grace" and it brought back and renewed so many memories of my previous life as a Mormon, and now I've learned of God's grace......I'm so blessed to know Jesus.
We are so blessed and encouraged by your music.We lived in Utah for 4 yrs.[military] We heard Lynn on the 700 club this week. We understand how very hard to leave the LDS church and all that means.You are in our prayers.We will be sending thithes to your ministry.
Thank-you all for following God's calling on your lives. your testimonies are awesome !-from Cedar Rapids,Iowa
Thank you for taking up your cross and living for Him.
Sounds from heaven, you are..in testimony and song. Thank you for coming to Pendleton. May all of your travels be blessed! Great to know another part of the FAMILY!!! :)
We got to meet you all at the Messiah Meridian show. Had a very enjoyable evening. We had with us a very good friend who very much needed to hear your message. The testimony was heartfelt and very relateable. Keep us in mind every time you plan a tour up this way, we would definetly want to host your group again! Thank you! Bob
Awesome at Eagle last night! Thank you so much Matt (and all) for "making it work" and signing my CD. You were very kind to help those of us who were at the wrong end of the table. God bless you in your work for Him. jn
I was so blessed by your ministry last night at the Eagle Life Church and just encourage you on. Your ministry is clearly a mandate from God could very well be the spearhead that turns the LDS church upside down for Christ. I was raised in the Pentecostal faith so I can't possibly know what your faith has cost in terms of personal persecution or sacrifice but no matter the cost, the rewards are endless. My ministry is training, equipping and leading teams to Guatemala every year and so as I pray for God's continued favor on your ministry, I covet your prayers as well. You can check out our website at Guatemalamissionsalliance.com . Thank you and keep on keeping on...He most certainly has your back. God Bless and Favor you. Doug Harmon 208-724-0953
I was so sorry I missed your concert, I didnt hear about it until afterwards! I was born and raised Mormon, my family are all still Mormon and it has been trying over the last 20 years. I left the church after 6 months of intense studying and reading the Bible. I realized the truth, and am so glad to see other doing so too. God Bless you for all you are doing!
It was awesome to meet with you and your concert was outstanding very spiritual touch us both. Thank you for Your testimonies and examples. In Christ, Bishop Lee And Kathy Baker
Just came back from the event at Calvary Church Boise Wow!!! what a powerful evening...the next time a LDS missionary comes to my door, I'm going to challenge him to read the New Testament and then come back and we'll talk. I pray your team will be blessed in your travels and God will be glorified
Stumbled upon your website and read your bio. Keep up the great work guys!
Heard you at Southside Bible and was blessed by your music and your testimonies. Thank you for the reminder to never stop praying for the lost. May God bless your ministry, your families, and your lives.
Love Your Music... thanks for all you do! God Bless You guys!
I was privileged to see you all last week at Sensational Seniors. I was so moved by your hearts and your passion for the Lord. It is truly evident that God has made an amazing change in your lives, and I feel as thought you young men have a special mission to reach the lost. Continue on fighting the good fight my brothers!
My husband and I really enjoyed your concert at Lockhart Baptist church on Sunday. You all have an amazing gift to be able to share how God has saved you. I really enjoyed the testimonies and equally the music as well. You are extremely talented musicians. We will be continuing to pray for and support your ministry. May the Lord bless you all!
Thank you for finding truth, and delivering truth. Praise God.
Your band and music has helped me in the process of renewing my mind to His truth after being held hostage to years of deception by opening myself up to many false religions/occultic practices during my rebellion against the True God....thanks
I know I just e-mailed yesterday, but I was listening to Romans Road again this morning. Every time I hear the middle portion of the song, Under Grace, I hear the word FREEDOM over and over. It is like this song has lyrics. God's grace is freedom to all. Blessings ! Marette Campbell
I was wondering when you will be coming back to upstate NY ? Hopefully soon. You have blessed us at Koinonia Fellowship, and there is a church in Canandaigua NY that I know would be blessed as well. My husband and I attend that church as well as our home church. The church is Crosswinds Wesleyan - 3360 Middle Cheshire Rd Canandaigua, NY 14424 (585) 394-5857. Thank you for your faithfulness to His church and children. In your CD Romans Road, what language are you signing ? It sounds like Hebrew, is it. The piano is beautiful. I am going to order one for my mom for mother's day. Blessings !
Hi Adam's Road!! I heard you for the first time a few weeks ago at Good Shepherd Church in West Palm Beach. I loved your music and your testimony. Wish we could have heard more of it. Hopefully you will come back again sometime soon!! :)
Benn really enjoying your instrumental music. You guys are super talented. I will be praying God continues to annoint your ministry!
I was recently introduced to your ministry through the video "Unveiling Grace." I want to encourage you and let you know how edifying I find your message and your music to be. I have never been involved in the LDS church, but I still have a great need to be reminded (over and over) of the glory of the gospel message. You are doing a great work! May God hold you up and keep you in His way. Thanks for your labor of love.
It was such an honor to meet you at Celebrate Recovery tonight, thank you so much for continuing to serve the Lord.
I absolutely loved your concert last night in West Palm! I was so moved by your testimonies and your obvious love for the Lord. I know God is going to do amazing things through your ministry. God bless you all!
We live in England and have exited Mormonism 9 months ago..it has not been easy .. However when I come across testimonies from others finding the real Jesus .. It affirmes to me that we have done the right thing .. Thankyou .
Love the music!
Thank you for all that you do. I'm hoping to be able to use your ministry as a tool to help my LDS friend. He is serving his mission in India.
Hey, loving the music and the testimonies :) I hope you will come to my part of the country some day!
I got on HOTM and made some sort of comment, I used to see this band on iTunes why is it no longer there? anyway thanks for making the downloads free, Keep educating people about the problems in the church of latter day saints. the latter day saints demanded money from me and threatened me, I am never going back
I've spent the last few days listening to your music and hearing Micah & Joseph's testimonies and I was in tears at some points! I too was soo BLESSED when I read the book of Hebrews, especially chapters 8, 9 and 10. As I read those chapters in Hebrews earlier this year, my heart started to pump as if new life was being pumped into it as I began to realise Lord Jesus Christ is enough! His Once and for all Sacrifice on the Cross is enough to wash our sins away.. I too came out of a false church system/religion that relied on priests, men's ordinances, offerings and much more. It still amazes and delights me so much that our Wonderful Lord has made things new. A New Testament! Isn't it WONDERFUL!!! What a WONDERFUL SAVIOUR♥ Thanks for sharing your stories. I look forward to watching the rest very soon. And I will share your stories with friends & family because I am so sure they will be Blessed aswell. Maybe God will make a way for me to visit Orlando someday & meet you guys. I do need a job :D hehe and I'm a keen cook!! Please would you pray for my friend of 20 years, her name is Donna, she was baptised into the Mormon church in 2009 and I have lost touch with her :( Thanks. GOD Bless you and your families♥ In Christ, Sarah.
Great show tonight...you guys are such a blessing. Thank you for your ministry and for your love for the lost. Will be praying for you. Can't wait for next year.
I absolutely love this band. You guys are amazing. And so are your testimonies! Thank you so much for coming to Lovington,NM. God is using each and everyone of you for an amazing adventure and purpose. Keep letting your light shine!
yall were awesome and i told one f my friends about ur website because he stop believing. i didnt after my dad past away i thought god didnt love me and thts y he did it but after my friends explained i came bck to christ. i can relate to the one th tlost ur dad i just didnt havit the warning tht he was going to died
I was so blessed by your concert in Gilbert! I was glad my 16 year old daughter came along, so she can learn more about Mormonism, as we meet so many in this area, at her school, etc. I thought it neat how you took the time to chat with everyone afterward. Blessings!
Thank you so much for your powerful testimonies of the gospel at Christchurch tonight! I will be praying for your ministry to shine bright in our dark world. My little boys can't stop talking about you all and prayed for your safety while on the road. In His Grip, Melissa
I attended Calvary Chapel St. George Ut last night and heard your testimonies and songs. Thank you for standing up for the truth and sharing how God has changed your life. Being raised LDS I feel your website has so many tools to help minister to them. Hopefully my nephew will go see you in Vegas. He is a returned missionary and now questions if there is even a God. Please keep him in prayer. Grace & Peace to you and your families
I saw you guys in Layton on Tuesday, WOW! I cried as you sang "I Would Die For You." I have never been a spiritual person, you see I hated religion, and questioned God. Well, the past two years have been a struggle for me. Divorce, sexual assault, drugs and alcohol abuse, and most recently my baby girl died a few hours before I gave birth to her. As you can imagine I have done my share of cursing God. The week after my baby died I went in to get a low risk surgery and ended up almost dying myself. I spent 3 days in the ICU and then moved to another floor for 2 days. While I was there my nephew's pastor came in, a man who I had only met once before when he and his wife came to hold my hand in the delivery room as I prepared to give birth to me sleeping baby. You see they had also had a stillborn baby and 3 months after that their 3 year old son died too. I couldn't believe that two people, who didn't even know me, would drive 40 minutes to surround me with love and prayers. On the worst day of my life I finally recognized that God was here for me, and he sent that Pastor and his wife. So as I lay in that hospital bed, asking God why he didn't just take me too, why he let my baby die, and couldn't do me the favor of taking me too. I heard a knock on my hospital room door just after getting moved out of ICU and to my surprise it was my nephew's Pastor. It was on this day in that hospital room, when I felt so bad, that I was saved. Since that day just a couple months weeks ago my life has slowly been getting better, and my 14 year old daughter has also gotten saved. Your story touched my life in ways that I can't even explain. Thank you! And thanks for letting me share my story.
Adam's Road. Enjoyed seeing you guys again at Calvary Chapel SLC tonight. Met you guys first time at Calvary Campus couple years ago. My wife and I are thankful for your ministry. Our hearts are burdened for LDS community. We praise God for your outreach!
Guys, Just wanted to again say how encouraging it was to see ya'll last night at Grace Bible Church in Springville! I came away from the meeting with a renewed sense of the power of God's Word which I desperately needed!! Keep seeking the LORD and growing in His grace. I pray God will continue to open new doors of ministry for you all over the country and provide for all your needs. Say hey to my hometown of Apopka for me when you get back to Florida!! -Mark Turco
I am blessed by your heartwarming testimonies that moved me to pray fervently and lovingly reach out to Mormon friends including those young missionaries that keeps visiting in our neighborhood. Ephesians 2:8-10 is real in every testimonies we heard tonight at Crosspoint. God bless each of you. www.lilianhosfeld.com
Thanks for a refreshing evening at the Fellowship Bible Church in Lindon, UT.
Saw you all on Doris Hansens show last night. It was very educating for me to learn more about the history and doctrines of the mormon church. Just want to encourage you all in your ministry efforts.
Hi guys. I was really moved by your show in Brigham City on Friday. In recent days, I have really reassessed my relationship with God recently. The timing of your show provided me some great opportunities with my family. I look forward to hearing and sharing your ministry for years to come!
Micah, Please tell the others that I continue to pray for the ministry. Thanks for coming to Logan, UT, and Oasis, God bles you all! Your Brother, Nathan
Dear Micah, I truly believe it was the Lord who organized our divine appointment in April, 2011 at the lobby at the Edgewater Hotel. We had just completed our ice cream at the Scoops and I looked into the lobby, curious about the hotel. Micah, you were playing the piano in the lobby and I recognized that this was no ordinary piano and that it must have other features to create the sound you were playing. I asked you about the piano, you then shared with me about the band, and then you shared your testimony. I was so blessed by your sharing and indicated that I would do whatever I could to promote your band in the Atlanta area. You may remember me because I had blonde hair, less than natural, and was at that time 70 years old. I am now approaching my 72nd birthday, October 15th. As I indicated in my former E mail and am very interested in returning to Winter Garden and booking some rooms for the weekend following my birthday. I really want to meet with you again and see if we can work together on some concert dates in the Atlanta area. Also I am eager to discuss your plans in November because I will have additional family members in Atlanta for Thanksgiving and would love to return with my husband to the Edgewater. Please let me know what you have available for the weekend of October 19th and for November after the 18th. Love in Christ Jesus, Lavilla
Look forward to seeing you again Micah when you return from your tour of the west. It appears that you will return about the middle of October. My birthday is October 15th and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate with my family than to book rooms at the Edgewater. What dates and rooms will be open after this date when you return to Winter Garden?
Thank you for coming to Preston and sharing with us. Psalm 13: 6
awesome show at Grace Fellowship Church in Preston ID! It was swine to meet and talk with you guys. Awesome ministry! God Bless you all
Great job at the park in Shelley last night. We were truly blessed my your music and testimonies. God bless you all!
I saw you guys at Lighthouse on Sunday and was in tears the entire time. I was so moved by your hearts for the Lord and your powerful witnesses of his grace. I am hoping to see you all again before you leave town. God bless you brothers!
Amazing Grace, His Grace, aint it? Fellers. Attaboy's to all, from the Big Palooka. I'll honk at at you if I see out on the road. I am a long haul trucker, doing missions on the CB, channel 19. Great music, very rich in Theology. Please continue with that Amazing Grace, richness. Also Please think about doing some Traditional Hymns, the Great Theologically Rich ones. I know you would sound great with them. Harmony and in a cappella. Amazing Grace, It is Well, How Firm A Foundation, Jesus Paid It All. Please think of recording these.
I saw you guys tonight at the Baptist Church in Tribune, Ks. You have an amazing ministry of music and testimony. I pray that you are blessed full fold as you blessed me tonight. P.S. I play in our local community band that practices on Thursday nights and I was happy to see that all but a couple of people were at your concert. In Christ, Jim
I arrive at your site today, and I'm so happy that I did. Your site is full with good and helpful resources. Thanks.
Just noticed you guys were coming to Idaho this year. I live in the Twin Falls area and will definitely be at one (if not more) of your shows. I will see you all in a couple of weeks!
Truly enjoyed your ministry last night at RHBC. You all have true hearts for the Lord and for reaching the lost. Will be praying for you!
Hou guys had a concert at Immanuel Lutheran tonight, and it was awesome! The testimony, the music the lyrics! You guys do a great job!
Great show tonight at Yorktown Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)! We very much enjoyed Matt, Micah, Joseph, Steve, and Jay. Be blessed and be a blessing!
Awesome ministry!
On behalf of University Heights Baptist Church in Indianapolis, we very much appreciated all of you traveling to share your testimonies through music with us. Your ministry is an amazing example of God's power to save people out of a false religion and bring them together to share his true word with the world. Enjoyed the fellowship with all of you at lunch. If you pass through Indy again, please get in touch. Praying for you to continue to be safe and effective in your travels.
thank you , this site is amazing . i shared your information ...
thank you , this site is amazing . i shared your information ...
God has given you such incredible testimonies to be used to His Glory! Your witness presents a huge challenge to all of us who have really had to sacrifice little or nothing to be Christ-followers. Also, I learned a lot about the Mormon faith and how it is possible to reach Mormons for Christ.Thank you for your amazing ministry!
The show was amazing, very moving. And J is gorgeous!
Thank you for your testimonies tonight at Sand Spring Baptist Church. You were a blessing to all who attended and I pray God blesses each of you and your families abundtly! Praise be to God that people are still willing to make sacrifices for the Lord. You all touched my heart but it was the lead singer who touched me most. I pray that God heals your relationship with your family as I know He can.
Thank you for your ministry to Edgemont Bible Church this morning and evening. Your music was a blessing but much more your testimony of the power of God working in your lives! May God richly bless your lives and your ministry for His glory!
Kendra here, I just wanted to let you know that I was very touched by your testimonies and music both tonight! You all are a great testimony at how strong the Word of God is! From what I heard, it played a HUGE part in all of your's salvation! That has encouraged me to crack open my Bible more often! I have at least 4 copies of my own and after tonight, I believe I cherish them even more than ever before! THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR MINISTRY! and most of all PRAISE GOD for that FREE (no strings attached) GIFT!!! Love you all :) God Bless
I'm watching you. :)
I saw your tour bus pass through Rolla, Missouri today! Don't know where you're headed, but I wish you safe travels! You guys are awesome!!!! :)
I am so thankful for my Jesus and his message for that time in every home with salvation in glorious life in grace and be baptist of the HOly Spirit are my special joy,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden
My husband Warren and I would like to express how much we enjoyed your video testimonies in "Unveiling Grace" and want to tell you to keep up the GREAT work!! Hallelujah! Jesus is moving and doing a mighty work. My husband and I are born again Christians, having come out of mormonism into a saving relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. He experienced this miracle about 4 years ago and myself, earlier this year. Praise be to God for that wonderful, soul changing, life changine experience! Our story is more of an "amputation" than an enlightening, such as many of you experienced, but we thank the Lord either way for it and the mighty change it has wrought. All four of our children are still in the mormon religion and we pray daily for their release. If you have any words of encouragement or advice then please pass them along to us. Thank you again for such a moving video and for your music and songs! Our prayers will join the many others for success of your ministry. Our love in Christ, Suzanne and Warren Puckett
Wonderful job on the new album! I have downloaded and been playing it non stop on my ipod. Love you guys so much! :)
I am really enjoying your new CD guys. I think my favorite is "New Creation". Keep up the great work!
I absolutely love the new album guys!! Great work!
You are all such a blessing to me to hear your testimonies and see you living for the Lord in what you do.It gives me hope for those I know who are caught up in religion, that it is possible for them to come to know the Truth if they put their trust in Jesus Christ. Thank you all.
I wanted to tell you guys how instrumental you have been in my journey of coming out of Mormonism and into Christianity. Your music has been a constant source of God's Word feeding me truth. I have lost a lot of things because of the choice I have made to follow Christ, but your testimonies have given me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your faithfulness. God bless you brothers.
I can't wait to see you guys on tour this summer! Keep rockin' for the Lord friends!
I love your music. I have never been LDS but I was religious before, and self righteous. A sinner who thought I was right, then I met Jesus Christ. I am so thankful I am saved. I love to hear your songs. I go through days where your music is all I listen to. Lately, your song "Stone Temples" is my favorite. God is so good to give you the words to sing about the darkness, the blindness, and bringing us alive. I love the part, "You banished my blindness, You put mud in my eye." Thank-you for sharing your story and your music. God bless you all.
Dear friends, I greatly appreciate your service, your heart of compassion and the wonderful resources on your website! Thank you for the links to the partnering ministries and for the free and cheap materials. I will be ministering in Utah for the first time this summer and the resources on this website have been a great preperation for me! God bless you in your ministry! with love in Christ, your sister, Evelyn
I have seen/heard a lot of "Christian" bands over the years. One thing that always bothered me was the lack of New Testament scripture in CCM these days. That was before I was introduced to Adam's Road. A friend of mine told me about this band of former Mormons who had a powerful testimony of what God had done in their lives. I got on youtube and started watching videos of their testimonies. I was completely blown away. God rescued them from the Mormon religion and they all become born again Christians. Then I started listening to their music and was even more blown away. Never, I mean NEVER, have I heard lyrics so directly out of God's Word. They don't just reference scripture like most artists do, they sing scripture. Their music is FILLED with God's Word and it is a powerful witness of the Gospel of Jesus. I am following these guys' tour schedule and hope to be able to see them live and meet them in person. Their music was truly a wake up call for me and should be for any Christian believer. I also pray that their use of scripture will inspire other CCM artists to dive into God's Word and use it more in their music. God bless you Adam's Road!
Praise our Lord! He has lifted the veil and your eyes saw the Truth. I love all your testimonies and will pray for an infectious revelation to spread through the lost. Thank You for Singing Your Praises.
I am a conservative Christian American who is very concerned about the future of our country. I will be voting for Mitt Romney (given that he will be the nominee), but am concerned about his Mormonism. I have always thought the Mormon religion was "weird" and cannot figure out how well-educated people can fall for it. I knew a judge in North Carolina who was raised Baptist and met an LDS girl in college, became LDS and married her. Anyway, I ran across Micah's testimony on the internet white researching what the Mormon church is all about, and was quite impressed with Micah and his quest for the truth! I hope and pray you can reach many for Christ because this sad old world needs His message! Good luck and God bless you in your ministry!
please also pray for my new mormon friend Jeremy.
Love your ministry brothers. Keep sharing the good news!
(This is a continuation of my previous comment) Also please pray for: (brother) Taylor, (brother) Mitchells, and Jonathan I have been blessed with making friends with many mormons recently and getting opprotunities to share the Gospel from the Bible with them! Thank you for your prayers! God Bless you!
Amen brothers!! I cannot express my heartfelt love for you guys and what you are doing to lift the name of JESUS!! I truly pray God's blessings and anointings on you all, my brothers!
PRAISE GOD for you! Your testimony has been so encouraging for me and my friends as we are speaking regularly to 6 missionaries of the LDS church. If you have any scripture you would like to share, or what scriptures specifically made you think again about the LDS doctrine, it would be much appreciated. Nothing can save them other than the power of God! Please be keeping the missionaries in Tallahassee in your prayers :).
You guys have such a testimony. Keep up the hard work. I pray God will continue to lead and guide you as you share the gospel. Mika let God continue to use you. Don't be afraid to let the emotions go. God used you today in my life. God Bless you all.. Gib Case
Dear friends, If you read this, please pray for: (elder) Russell, (elder) Vaughn, (elder) Harmon, (elder) Whitworth, Jordan, Spencer, Derrick, Rachel, and Brooke... they are mormon friends that I have shared the gospel with, please pray that those planted seeds will grow and that God would use it to show them their need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!!! lots of love, your sister, Evelyn Worthington (age 23)
I truly enjoyed your music and testimonies at Zion Lutheran on Sunday. You all have powerful testimonies of God's grace in your lives. I just want to encourage you all to keep fighting the good fight, and keep sharing Jesus wherever you go. Be blessed!
Thank you so much for your testimony and ministry. Jesus is doing somthing deep within my heart that I cannot fully describe. I find myself listening the the Enemy's of the Cross song over and over. I am experienceing a deeper level of repentance and sence of the presence of the Lord in my heart. Thank you so much, I look forward to taking my family to see you in concert when you visit Indianapolis July 15th. I am praying about a monthly support commitment. Thanks again! -Christopher
Love your ministry! You have a great platform to share the Gospel. Continue strong my brothers!
Great website and Offers...Praise the Lord for Him coming into all of your lives...Thanks and God Bless!
I am looking forward to you all coming to my church in March!
You all have been a huge inspiration for me in giving me strength to face my friends and family about my faith in Jesus. You have helped me see that it doesn't matter what we lose if we gain Jesus in the end. I am praying for you my brother in Christ. God bless.
Great site keep spreading the Word through your music! http://gospelvideos.vidmeup.com
I heard the testimony of Micah's mother on the radio, that bought me to this website and I am touched by what God is doing through your love and passion for Him and the lost. God bless you for your selfless love and sacrifice for the kingdom.
Hey Guys, I learned of your band from watching the Unveiling Grace video that was shown at the Christian printing company where I work. Our CEO sits on the board of directors for TILM (Truth in Love Ministry) which has a mission to bring the true gospel to Mormons. Anyways, thanks for the CD, you guys sound great! I've shown the Unveiling video to many people now and I'm working up the courage to share with my Mormon family members. May God continue to bless you guys! I also just learned of this non-profit ministry to touring bands called RYFO. They provide free housing, support, food, laundry services, etc while you're out touring. Keep on doing what you're doing!
Thank you for all the great info in your "Ministry tools" area! God bless you guys and your families.
I am also a former mormon and just want to thank you men for your ministry and your desire to preach TRUTH to the mormon people. They are so lost and yet do now know it. I have found nothing greater in my life than my relationship with the true Jesus. Blessing to you all!
Someone gave me a copy of "Unveiling Grace" and I watched it. Wow! I was so amazed by what God has done in your lives and your courage to stand for the truth. I hope you guys know there are a lot of people praying for your ministry. Never lose faith! God bless you.
A great Christmas and a happy (& fruitful) New Year to everyone involved in Adam's Road Band! From your friend in England. Peter
I am so amazed at your testimonies and passion for helping people come to a personal relationship with Jesus. It is so obvious you have true hearts for the Lord. May God bless you and have a very merry Christmas!
Just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas. I hope God continues to bless you all and your beautiful families.
Dear Brothers in Christ, This is your sister emailing you from northern Italy. I and my husband Mirco planted a Evangelical Church here and are preaching the Gospel to the unsaved in our area. People are mostly Catholics (not many are church goers though). We also have an increasing number of Muslims too. I, personally was saved through christian mission church when I lived with my parents in the country of Iran in the town of Isfahan for five years. Last September we visited our son Gionatan (27) who serves the Lord in Cheyenne WY. He went to Frontier School of the Bible, many of the students go to Utah to evangelise the lost. We also had the opportunity to visit Kaysville, Coalsville to preach in some churches and of course visit Temple Square were we testified of our faith to two girls (Italian and American) that showed us around. I wanted to say that I really appreciate your music and testimony! Keep up the good work. God bless you all greatly. yours in our Lord Jesus, Paola Dal Lago, Mantova, Italy.
We love the ministry, music and testimony of Adams Road.
So proud of you guys and what God is doing through you! I am so amazed at the grace of God that He rescued you from the bonds of false religion. May God bless you and give you mercy as you share the Gospel with the world!
Hi Adam's Road; Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Celebration and blessed New Year! Thanks for all you do. Praying for lots of fruit in 2012.
Love your new website. Keep going strong!
adam's road! thank you for your music and this website. keep reaching out. God bless you! a greeting from saudi arabia.
Hey guys, the new website is looking great! Congrats on your hard work. Thanks for all you do for us.
me gusta el consepto del ministerio que Dios le siga bendiciendo.
I love your new site! It is beautiful! Thank you again and again for your ministery! Blessing to all of you and your families!
May God continue to bless each of you! I am so excited everytime I hear anything about your stories. Our God is sooo good! Thankful that He drew each one of us out of Mormonism. Grateful for all you do to share Christ! Keep up the good work of sharing the GOOD NEWS!
When you guys came to Payson AZ and gave your testimonies was a very wonderful night:) I appreciate all that you guys do and hope you get to come back to Payson again!!!
Love the new website guys! Keep up the great work!
Hi Men, The new website looks great. You all are in my daily prayers.
I'm very impressed with the new site, gentlemen. You have a true passion for the Lord and I commend you for your faithfulness to Him. I hope to see you all again next year on tour. God bless.
Love the new site. I left Mormonism in 1999. It took a while, but I am grateful to now have a saving relationship with Jesus. Your stories out of Mormonism inspire me. May God continue to use and bless you to reach the lost, especially those in Mormonism.
Hey Adam's Road, I love the new website!! You guys did a great job! Keep up the good work in sharing the Good News!
I found out about your ministry through a fellow Pastor. I had the privilege of seeing the video "Unveiling Grace" and I was impressed by the maturity of your testimonies and your understanding of the Gospel. I praise the Lord for what He has done in your lives by opening your eyes to the truth. May God continue to bless your ministry as you reach the lost for Christ.
I am grateful for your ministry
I love love love you guys! I hope you can make it out here to california one of these days. Your testimonies have helped me so much. I have a lot of mormon friends at my school and I just want them to know the true Jesus! God bless you guys!
We need you guys in Idaho.
I just watched your dvd. It was left on the front porch in Show Low, Az. God bless you for your courage. May He use you mightily to spread His truth. Thank you for the scripture references shared on the dvd. My family has received fourteen visits from mormon missionaries in the past eight years. Since they won't give up, we've invested hundreds in books from Concerned Christians to better understand the mormom religion and how to reach them. Your testimonies and music inspire us that maybe some, or even one, of them is actually listening. So happy your journeys resulted in freedom in Christ!
I was surfing youtube and came across a couple of your videos. I am a Christian and I was truly moved by what God has done in your lives. Your testimonies have helped me see that there is hop in sharing the Gospel with my Mormon friends. God bless you guys for your faithful to God's call.
Saw you guys on Sunday and I was blown away by your testimonies and music. I am so amazed by your courage and strength to leave the Mormon religion for a RELATIONSHIP for Jesus. I will be praying for your ministry!
Love you guys and your ministry! Saw you in North Palm last Sunday and I praise God for your awesome music and testimonies. Keep sharing Jesus with the world!
You guys are the best. Keep up the good work for our Lord.
I'm watching you
I saw you at Centerstage Church on Oct 8th. You young men are just precious !! Thank you again for making the sacrifice to leave your families to go out on the road. You have a HUGE impact. I am putting all of you on my daily prayer list. May the Lord of all grace continue to bless you. Love in Christ, Paula
you guys are a good band i love your music
I love you guys' music! Its such a blessing and an inspiration! I love that its striaght from the word :)God Bless you guys
We just saw your concert in Pinetop, AZ! You blessed our hearts with your testimonies! May God Bless your ministry and all that you do!
It was a huge blessing hearing you testimonies at Calvary Chapel Payson tonight. Your music was wonderful too.
You guys just played at my church at Calvary Baptist in Show Low, AZ. Your testimonies ministered to me thank you for sharing them. Your music is so powerful and is very much needed in today's society!!! Thank you and God bless :)
You Guys Just played at my church and you were so amazing! thanks guys! (:
Your music is awesome..the message is needed and is hope giving that He can deliver us ...thank you I so needed today ---God knows....
Thank you, guys, for your music, your testimonies, your heart for ministry--and for your friendship. You have been a breath of fresh air in a "dry and weary land".
Very nice album! Can you share how life has been since walking away from the Mormon faith?
Thank you for your amazing music, testimonies, and ministry at First Baptist Church in Brigham City tonight. I came with a heavy heart and very troubled about my friend Kevin. I felt renewed hope for his salvation, after hearing Jay's testimony. and feeling the power of Jesus's love through the Holy Spirit. Only through God's Love can we feel true healing. God Bless you all!
Hi_I am a long time friend of Lee Whitworth, pastor of Payson Bible Church. He sent me a link to your page. Looked at your 55 min testimony-very powerful. I will show it to my church family. Would like a ridiculously free DVD Also would like to know something of your concerts. I am pastor of Berean Church in Broken Bow, NE. God bless you for your faith and testimony. Larry
Praise God, we greet you all in our Lord Jesus, am from Nakuru Kenya East Africa. First we give the Lord all the glory and honor the way God using you, we are are touch and bless, we would love and honor to welcome you Nakuru Kenya to minister to people Kenya also to work to gether. Much love in our Lord. Pastor Silas
Guys thank you for not being ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Thank you for sharing your testimony and music with us. May God strenghten and keep you as serve and obey Him Family Worship Center-
LOVE you guys! PRAISE God for what he does! Keep preaching the TRUTH here in utah. We really need it. God be with you guys as ou travel and minister.
Thanks for coming to Lindon. My husband & I loved your stories and have a couple of our own. Keep traveling if you can, spreading the good news!
Thanks so much for coming to our little town and sharing your talents and testimonies! You guys are amazing. Praying for you all! God bless!
We just heard you in concert here in Price for the first time. It is so encouraging to hear your testimonies of what Jesus has done for each of you. Keep the good faith and praise God that He has kept you on the road to His glory.
Cannnot say how much I was blessed by your testimonies. I too am a former Mormon and I was so encouraged by your testimonies and music. I know it can be a sacrifice, as it was with me, but it was all worth it to know the TRUE Jesus. God bless your ministry as you travel sharing the Grace of God that comes through Jesus Christ. God bless you!
Hey guys! You were all at our church last night (Price First Baptist in Price, UT), and I just wanted to tell you again how WONDERFUL you all were!! WHAT a blessing you were for all of us ... your music is SO fantastic, your voices really harmonize beautifully, and I praise God for your voices in this world !!! God was truly with us all last night (you could just feel His presence), there in your voices and your music. It was terrific to watch Him as He works in those who choose His free gift of salvation through people like yourselves ... He truly IS awesome and can do ANYTHING!! God bless you all as you travel each day, delivering your wonderful message! Thanks again for gracing us with your precious music and presence!!!!! God speed! We all just LOVE you all and your wonderul gift! Laurie Telarole
Hi, I am going to attend your concert Thursday night at the Fellowship Bible Church in Lindon, Utah. Will there be CDs at the concert that are available to buy? I am looking forward to seeing and listening to your group. Thanks for your hard work.
I'm the kid with the Weird Al' Yankovic T-Shirt on I look forward to talking to Joseph about him! You guys were great tonight had a blast!!!!!
I just wanted to stop by and tell you guys that I appreciate all you've done for the LDS community and the help you have given me in how to speak to them, even though I once was a member. God is AMAZING!! I will see you again before you leave Utah. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Your Sister in God, and good friend. Dianna
Very impressed with these young men! Spiritual, humble, dedicated, articulate . . . each of you conveys a spirit of true gospel awareness and your message is cloaked in kindness and sweet humility! And did I mention the fabulous music - how you blend your voices in resolute harmony and a declaration of peace and the divine truth you discovered from study and experience - you NOW are aware of the real gospel and you sing it from the stages of the world. That required courage . . . yet you had no choice . . . when you know the way you lead others. As a professional musician I salute you and support you in every way! Love your beautiful spritits!!!!!!!!!
It was so nice seeing yall again! It was cool seeing what the ministry was about first hand and not rely on the words of ignorant people from the mission. The concert at that church was awesome! I still listen to yalls songs in my assignments here hahaha. Love you guys!
Wow! What a blessing you all are! Praise God for your witnesses and your willingness to fight for God! Love the way you always have your scriptures open, how studied you all are, and how firmly planted in God you are. Music is the front line of battle; you are in my prayers!
Just saw you guys for the 3rd year in a row at Concert in the Park in Salt Lake. Brought several of our small group members. Love you guys.
Hey guys, I really enjoyed your testimonies last night at Burning Heart. My whole family is still in the LDS church and your stories gave me a lot of hope. May God continue to bless your ministry.
To God be the Glory, great things He has done...through Adam's Road! What a wonderful time of worship and testimony last night. Proclaiming the pure and redeeming grace of God for all to hear with so much love and genuine concern for the lost and deceived. Thanks for an uplifting evening!
I loved your music and testimonies last night. You are such an encouragement to the Body here in little EAgle Mountain. May God bless you always as you share the truth!
I was totally blessed by your testimony last night. Keep it up brothers!
Great concert last night! Inspiring testimonies. My 10 year old daughter said, "I like their music because it really makes you think!"
LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for your wonderful uplifting songs. God Bless You!
Can't wait to see you guys in Kansas!
Great video of testimonies! Am going to recommend it on my website at www.janishutchinson.com.
Really like the song on Band of Prophets called Walk the Mountainside. Very nice and what type of permission do I need to sing it in my church?
I heard the band for the first time this past weekend at the "Concerned Christians" conference in Mesa, Az. Thank you so much! Your testomonies gave me HOPE! I have 4 children, 3 have joined the Mormon church ....... I have already missed my daughter's wedding because she chose to get married in the Temple. Now my oldest son is getting ready to go on a mission for the church. Listening to you has given me new strength to believe they will someday find the true Christ!
Hi, I didn't know about your band until a friend of mine told me about it and how you all come to know the Lord by grace alone. I'm so excited about that and I will be praying that God will continue to use you to reach out to more people who isn't free from that bondage.
Hey All- I have been listing to your CD and it's awesome. Can't decide which one is my favorite: Come Unto Me, The Cross, Good News. I'm praying back home. Keep up the good work for you all and can't wait to see you again in concert when you get and my love to all of you.
hey yall! yall were so amazing at Monaghan on Sunday! hope yall get to come back again! <3
Sandra and I wanted to "Thank You" personally for sharing your testimony through scripture and song at Monaghan Baptist tonight. Your testimonies were heart felt and a true expression of GOD'S LOVE FOR ALL OF US! It is our prayer that GOD will continue to bless each of you and your families as you serve him. We did not attend the social afterwards but wanted to express our sincere appreciation for allowing GOD to speak through you to the "saved and unsaved"! While we could have never believed that anyone could "sing" GOD'S WORD, it is obvious that HE HAS PLANTED NOT ONLY HIS WORD BUT A SONG IN YOUR HEART! Thanks again for sharing with us and for the effort you made to be at Monaghan. Love In Christ! Doug & Sandra Cothran
Thanks for making the trip to Massachusetts! My Dad invited me to see you guys at his church...a great blessing that is sure to overflow!
Even though I am a kid I love your music.
i really am blessed by ur music
You guys are really something special.Your music speaks right from the bible.Literally.I just heard about you coming to our church Calvary Chapel of the Finger Lakes.So I checked you out on line and am encouraged and can't wait to see you guys on 7/20/11.God Bless and keep looking up.
Seen you at Rockford MI on July 10. Was fantastic!!! Such an message God has given you to share. My grandchildren came with me, they enjoyed it also. Thank you so much for coming to Michigan, hope I will be able to see you again in the future, if not we WILL meet again in heaven someday....
I just saw Unveiling Grace... what an awesome, awesome testimony of God's work in your lives! Thank you so much for your boldness and humility in sharing your stories. I am not a Mormon, but live amongst and love many who are LDS. I so desperately want then to find the truth and love of Jesus and His incredible, unfailing, all-encompassing gift of forgiveness and life. I will pass on your names and your documentary as I am able, praying not only for you and your families as I do so, but also that those who hear your testimonies will have their eyes opened and their hurts softened. Blessings to each of you... -Audrey
Just watched your incredible documentary "unveiling grace". Chip Thompson from Ephraim, Utah sent us a dvd. Glory to Jesus for your testimonies, boldness, and music! Keep shining :) Casey
Wow! Really enjoyed watching "Unveiling Grace" Praising God for your souls and your ministry!
I came across you on Youtube, and as a Believer in Christ am SO encouraged by your testimony. I have a heart for Mormons and while I have never been a member I see the dire need for them to experience the Word in its truth and freedom. I am amazed at how BIG our God truly is and what HE alone was able to bring you out of. You have encouraged me and inspired me in needed to KNOW the Word, and memorize scripture. May you be blessed abundantly!
What a beautiful story. Have shared the gospel with many LDS's. Heartbreaking when ears are shut to the love of the Father. What a joy to hear what the King of Glory has done in your lives!! I see on your calendar you will be in Utah in the fall. May God give you boldness and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Such beautiful Love the Father has for all His chilren...I rejoice in what He has done in your lives and will bookmark your site so that I can share with LDS's missionaries who come my way. Planting a seed.
I am so encouraged by you guys! I watched the video "Unveiling Grace" and was overjoyed and in awe at how God is working. I have a LDS Mormon roommate and I often plant seeds of Love with Scripture and encouragement. We are good friends and I love her dearly. She is having a hard time and beginning to doubt here Faith in God but I am praying that the Lord with reveal his Truth to her the Bible and that she not lose hope in Jesus altogether but come to know the True Christ. This page and the video has encouraged me to continue to pray and witness to her. For God can work any situation out for good. ^-^
Totally inspired by the band members love for Jesus and Jesus's wonderful love for them as He drew them to Himself! Their pure relationship with Jesus shines like a floodlight on a dark and fallen world, and through the murky lostness of false religion held in chains by satan. Jesus shines!
As a homeschooling mom of eight, I have had a burden on my heart that our children be equipped through God's Word to be able to discern false teachers, and false religions. I was piecing together a homemade high school curriculum on the topic of cults and world religions, and came across your testimonies online this week. What a BLESSING to hear of how God pulled you from darkness to light. It really touched my heart. I am definitely using your Unveiling Grace DVD in the curriculum when we cover the Mormon religion. May God keep our children, and prepare them for their own walk of faith in this world of lies, and may God give you wisdom and grace as you continue to bear witness to the truth of Jesus Christ.
I found your video "Unvailing Grace" and your music when I clicked on a link posted by the Utah Lighthouse Mission. I have witnessed to a number of Mormon Missionaries as well as my former Mormon Physical Therapist and they have almost all without exception had the same reactions as what you all have described when confronted with the truth. Only one missionary quietly said to me as he was leaving the house well behind his companion, "Mam, you really know your Bible. There should be more people like you out there." He seemed like a deer in the headlights as I shared the truth with them. After seeing your video, Unvieling Grace, it renews my hope and prayers that God will use some seed I have planted to bring glory to Himself in those boy's lives. Thanks for your music. Knowing the stories behind it makes it so much more meaningful. I appreciate that it is all scripture based and easy to hear the words. I have been blessed by listening to it. Thankyou so much! God bless you all.
I watched your video "Unveiling Grace" and listening to your testimonies brought me to tears. It reinforced for me that my decision to leave the LDS church was the most important decision I have ever made. Ever since I can remember, I've always had questions. It has been a long road to the truth, but I have arrived. It breaks my heart that my family (siblings and their families) are still ingrained in the Mormon faith. I pray for the Lord to show me the way to reach them. It amazes me that the leaders of the church allowed you to concert in Utah, knowing that you were ex-Mormons and your ministry was to lead other Mormons out of the darkness. I am an oddity where I go to church as an ex-Mormon, in a Southern Baptist Church, (I tell everyone I am "Christian" before Baptist) baptized to that faith in 2006 and am now teaching Sunday School class to senior adults who have been in that faith for their entire lives. Pretty scary, but I did ask the Lord to teach me...what better way. Would love for you to come to our church. I have spoken with my Pastor and he is VERY interested and we will talk further. God's blessings on you all - love your music.
You guys are very talented and gifted. Great music. You might want to visit Grace to You (www.gty.org). This ministry records audio and video sermons from John MacArthur who pastors a church near Los Angeles. It's a very good resource for all believers. You guys might want to add it to your links page.
I was completely blown away by "Unveiling Grace". That is one of the most powerful witnessing tools I have ever seen, not just for Mormons but for anyone who doesn't know the grace of God. You guys have an amazing gift to reach the lost souls. Keep up the good work.
I have prayed for you that through this work many people will be saved for the glory and honor of the Lord Jesus. God bless you.
praise God for your testimony, to God be the glory! I am an x-mormon, born again christian. I am a street preacher and evangelist, and have witness to many mormon, and mormon missionaries. I appreciate you giving an insight on how christians were to you witnessings, it helps me to show them the truth in love more. Edwin Lo www.JeremiahCry.com www.needGod.com
You guys are awesome. I love the "enemy of the cross" album. I found out about you guys from the "Heart of the Matter" show with Shawn McCraney. Your songs definitely help because I'm not only enjoying a great song, but am learning at the same time.
We saw you twice at First Church of the Nazarene in Ft Myers. We know mom and dad. God bless you in your work and keep the courage. We came out of the Catholic church through our study of God's Word so we know where you come from. Very similar situations. Bob & Mary
Hi guys, I just watched Unveiling Grace. Almost brought me to tears. I praise God for the work He has done in your lives and the work you are doing in others lives. I wanted to post on this on facebook but dared not. I just left the LDS less than a year ago. My family and friends are LDS. The whole time I was watching this movie, I kept thinking of all the people I want to share this with. I need to do a lot of praying that God will let me know when it is the right time to share, how to do so, and to let their hearts be open. I have a return missionary son who is still strong in the Mormon faith. When I saw the Round Table video months ago, I knew I had to have my son watch that. I haven't shared that with him yet. Please pray for him that he will question his religion and want to find answers, as I did. Thank you God, Lord Jesus for bringing my to the True gospel of Jesus Christ. The Real Good News!
I am a pastor of a church in Del Norte, Co. I interact with several mormons in my town and really want to reach them. I need some help. I would love to have your band come sometime to our church if you're ever passing throug southern Colorado.
God is still using last fall's UT concert! Holly trusted Christ this week because 2 friends took her to hear you all sing and share. It has been a process: the concert, 3 churches welcoming and praying and lots of conversations with Christian friends. Thanks for letting God use you!
I'm so helped by the music and teachings you are all sharing. Thank you all so much.
Hope you'll be able to make it to Mesa, AZ August 5-6.
I found you guys online and am totally blown away by your testimonies. I have a mormon friend that I have been ministering to for years. You gave me a lot of hope. God be with you all.
Hi Guys, Just a quick note to say how encouraged I am by both your testimonies and your music. Thanks. Peter (Berkshire, England)
Adams Road, thank God for your ministry and the work that you do. I have some comments for any Mormons who may wander here and read these words this Christmas 2010. There are just too many contraditions with the LDS Church so I prefer to just go by the Bible as it is consistent and doesn’t change and any church I attend has to be consistant with its teachings. Luke 21:33: “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.” Mormons, do you know that you are truly forgiven for any sins you have committed, past, present, or future and do you feel that what you do is never enough? Well, you can know right now and not later that you are truly forgiven by believing on the only name under heaven that can save you, Jesus Christ, that He died in your place, and rose from the dead three days later so that all of your sins will be remembered no more So take His gift of grace and trust in the knowledge that He already did it for you 2000 years ago. Jesus said in Matthew 11:28-30: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” What better Christmas present could you get to know that from now until forever that you are resting forgiven in the arms of your Savior, Jesus Christ?
I just wanted to thank you all for giving your lives to Jesus Christ. I left the LDS church some time ago, and I have been struggling with doubt about that decision lately. Hearing about your journey into the Truth has been a wonderful blessing for me today. God Bless you and your families in this ministry!
The song "Is This The End" has been stuck in my mind for a while now. :) Well it is either really sad or really funny that we are both people trying our best to live good lives and follow the Savior, and you are considered an apostate and I am considered an enemy of the cross. Hopefully we can narrow that divide some day. God Bless! The chorus of this song has been stuck on my mind for a long time......and the world's troubles no longer trouble me. I fought them for a long time.....but as this song got stuck on my mind, helped me with my own troubles, including internal ones only jesus saves you from them thank you!
When i was 19 my boyfriend who came from a Christian family encouraged me to learn the actually history of the lds chruch and it was then I realized it was all a lie. Reading the diaries of the wives of brigham and joseph changed my life forever. God bless your band!
It was a pleasure hearing you at St Paul's - I Would Die For You gave me goosebumps :)
Thanks for coming to St. Pauls Presbyterian Church in Ocoee again. We really enjoyed your ministry.
I just love you guys! I thank God for you and for the Sacred Groves website. I am 48 and was a member of the LDS church all my life. It just wasn't there for me. I always thought there was something wrong with me. Not anymore :) I finally found that relationship with God I had been looking for all my life. On June 15th of this year, after spending 3 months in God's word and on my knees in prayer, God answered my prayers. I finally understood the magnitude of what Christ had done for me and I excepted the gift of Grace. PRAISE GOD!
Loved your music and testimonies at the Witness Now convention. You guys are amazing. I am a former witness and praise God he saved me.
What a wonderful msg. GOD is great. Love your CD's .
Thank you for making Calvary Chapel Queen Creek your last stop of your tour before you head home to your beautiful families in FL. We were very blessed by your music, powerful testimonies and your ministry!! We hope you will be back in our area on your next tour. God Bless!! In Christ!!
Thank You guys for coming to Calvary Chapel Cedar City. I was Front row at your concert at West View and i love you guys... God bless you guys and have a safe trip home! P.S I LOVE YOU GUYS! :D
I came across your testimony/conversion stories video on YouTube and just had to let you know how hopeful and positive it was for me to be able to hear them. I was raised Mormon and left the church in January and I'm now a Christian because of what I've found in the Bible. The past few days have been very hard for me coping with my LDS family and friends and not being able to relate to anyone in my small Utah town, and you have really uplifted me... I have yet to listen to your music, but now I surely will. God bless you and thank you for sharing.
Hey I saw your link on the TILM weekly email and I had to check you guys out. When I saw your picture I realized that you guys played at my school last year. You guys are great and I have your first CD. Hope to see you again in the future :)
On Saturday 25 Sept I saw your tour bus heading south bound on I-15 near the Clearfield exit in Utah. I saw the name on the bus and thought WOW a Christian band in Utah? How awesome and great to bring the Word of God here. I too am a convert from Mormonism and understand your mission! It is awesome...keep up the great work. Your music is awesome and inspiring and I have to know it will touch the lives of many and bring them to the Hope we have in Christ.
Dinner was fun last night. Next year for Jay's bday, I promised him Red Lobster....so come back into town so I can make it happen! hehehe I will see you guys today, but drive safe to AZ and home and never forget my smile :) The Lord has blessed every one of you boys and I have been blessed to be able to spend so much time around you all. May God continue to bless you for putting your amazing ministry together. I love you guys, you're my brothers in Christ. God provide and bless always!
HAPPY 32 BIRTHDAY JAMES "JAY" L. GRAHAM!! I hope you have a great day. Jesus and I love you! hehehe.....XXXXOOOO see you tonight :) Joe, Matt, Steve, and Micah....you guys are all great...thanks for the friendship :)
A friend told me about your band. I love your music!! And praise God that you found the truth in His Word! I spend a lot of time witnessing to Mormons and work for a mission that reaches out to people lost in Mormonism. I am SO bummed that I will be out of town when you have a concert in my area. God's blessings to you all!
I am so very happy for you guys! Being a former Mormon myself and finding Jesus about ten years ago, my heart goes out to all of those Mormons who are suffering in Bondage to the LDS Church! I am so happy the Lord brought you into His grace! Currently, I am a staff member with Truth In Love Ministry, an outreach in witnessing to Mormons. If you are interested, checkout our website truthinloveministry.net. Praise Jesus for your faith!
I just wanted to let you know that I have written a Post about Adam's Road on my blog: LatterDaySaintWoman.Wordpress.com. Just like the members of Adam's Road, my life is dedicated to reaching out to those who are lost in Mormonism. Here is a link to my blog Post about Adam's Road: http://latterdaysaintwoman.wordpress.com/2010/09/23/the-amazing-testimonies-of-former-lds-missionaries/ May God bless your witness of Him!
WOW!! Very impressed with your music and your testimonies. I was born and raised LDS-married in the Temple, but could never find forgiveness through the LDS Process of Repentance. I had been sexually abused as a child and felt so much shame. God led me to the truth--that all my sins had been forgiven at the Cross!! Now, I volunteer with Truth in Love Ministry to reach Mormons. Our latest web site is HisHealingNow.com to reach Mormon women who are hurting. I would like to post an article about you guys on my blog: LatterdaySaintWoman.WordPress.com, and put a link to your testimonies. When I come to this site, your music starts immediately-not your testimonies, so I will put the link to your utube version. My prayer is that all Mormons will hear the true message of free and full Forgiveness through Jesus! God's blessings to your witness and Ministry! Becki
Love your music! Only found out about you yesterday and am totally psyched that you guys are pretty much local to us. My wife is a former Mormon and your testimonies are just awesome! We can't wait to be able to see you guys live! God is truly using all of you for His glory!
Peggy, send your name and mailing address to freecdrequest@adamsroadband.com and we will send you a CD. God bless you
Thank you, thank you. Your music helps me working with latter day saints here in Sweden who are turning to the Lord
Please tell me how I can get a copy of your new CD. I saw you on Heart of the Matter.
I saw you perform in Logan, Utah. I am very impressed with and proud of what you are doing. I was also raised LDS, but even as a child would cringe when people would speak about eternal progession and people becoming Gods. I would say a prayer to God "You are the only God, I don't really think they mean what they say". I was very spiritual and always loved God. I would love it when every 4th year they would teach the bible - that's how it was when I was growing up. The scripture I would always prefer to read was the new testament - especially the first 4 books when Jesus speaks to us directly. I didn't think the Mormon doctrine was right - in fact I had direct impression (revelation) that things like eternal progression were downright blasphemous, but I stayed in the church because it is a whole way of life - my ancestors crossed the plains, all of my family and friends were LDS... Finally in my 30's I stopped going to the Mormon chuch and just spent hours every day studying the bible. It took me a long time to feel comfortable in another church, and even now I find myself wishing other churches had the organization and the membership volunteerism that are mainstays of the LDS church. Anyway, it's wonderful that you are bold enough to try to get Mormons to know the truth. I don't have much dialog with my family about doctrinal differences. I just focus on the things that we believe that are the same. I think I'm being cowardly sometimes. Keep doing what you're doing. I think you'll make a Godly impact on a lot of lives. Terri Sizemore 435-770-9407
Keep reading your Bibles and singing unto our Lord Jesus. Thanks for coming to Oasis in Logan.
Listened to your band last Friday. I love your passion for Jesus and His cause. You all are an inspiration and an encouragement to us Utahns. I am taking my youth group this Friday. You all are a great model for them: You can be young, love God and have a blast!
I found you on the internet and was amazed at what i saw and heard. You young men are truly an inspiration. I'm an ex-mormon myself and I can relate so well to your message. God bless you all.
You guys are not only true messangers of God, but incredible spirits because of all you do and all you are through Him. I will be seeing you again before you leave Utah. LOVE GOD!
i am so greatful that you guys came to utah. its not easy living in utah and i known you guys know that. you guys are such an inspiration,and full of encouragment. u coming to first baptist church of bountiful was amazing and not only me but the whole congregation needed to hear your songs and testimonies. u have brought tears to my eyes, i realized that i need to step up and not care about what people think, i need to stand up for God and not be ashamed. i have been struggling lately, i have a bff who is a strong mormon, she married a mormon and has 2 beautiful boys, but she is so lost and im scared to confront her about who God is, i dont want to lose my friendship with her, but i know i need to do the right thing and share the truth. i need alot of prayer and strength to do what is right. with you guys there at first southern of bountiful it has opened my eyes to see that knowing God and who he is and what he has done for us is very important. i want to say thank you for what you guys do and how much you already sacraficed with your friends and family, i know it wasnt easy but u did it for God and that is BIG!! i thank you and will continue praying for you. GOD BLESS!!
Thank you for performing and sharing the Gospel and your testimony at Wheeler Farm!!!! My daughters are Ashley and Michelle. They need your prayers. Thank you so much. God Bless all of you with great faith and endurance.
Hey, i came saturday night to the First Baptist Church with a friend who invited me! You guys are so inspriring. I'm LDS and i can relate to you guys so much!! Thanks!
Saw you guys at FBC Tooele last night and was absolutely blown away. Your music and testimonies are an inspiration to me. I have a lot of Mormon friends and I pray for them every day. Keep up the good work and know you have the support of the Body of Christ. God bless you.
what a wonderful thing God has done thru you young men. Praise God for you all.
Very nice site :)
Love the music and testimony. I saw your bus in Georgia and looked you guys up. What a powerful ministry! Keep me updated if you ever play a show up this way. God bless and take ca
To help you all remember, My wife and I were the ones who told you all our personal story abot why we left "Mormonism", in Jefferson NC(With Pastor Tim.) It was fun talking with you all as we shared our funny "Mormon" experiences. All I can say is that it is a small world. I feel very blessed having met you all! Thanks again. Cole
Hope you boys are having a most blessed summer in your Ministry travels across this grand country!
Let us live to Jesus in this day again in love and faith and deeds of God with many thanksgiving and praise and make know the name of the Lord in our the citys with the walk in him and be the light with salt and word of God,thanks and bless and pray,your brother in faith and hope,keijo sweden
when you do elvis it would be great if you mentioned that the only grammys he ever received was for the gospel music he did. Also, when anyone called him the "king" he always pointed straight up and said there is only one King.
Thank you for your testimonies. I am living in Sweden and I am a born again christian. A couple of weeks ago my mother met two missionaries from Utah on the street here in our small town. She did not have so much time talking to them so she send them to me and my husband instead. It was nice talking to them although it is not very easy to know what to say to them. We some how felt so much love for them and I tried to challenge them to read only the Bible for a while to see what it says. I hope and pray they will. It has been encouraging to hear your testimonies, that you, young "hard core mormons" could receive the love of Christ. God bless you. Elin
Thanks for coming to Waterloo Baptist Church last night. We really enjoyed your moving testimonies. You will be in our prayers as you travel.
I absolutely love the new album. You boys have an incredible gift from God. Keep putting God's Word in your music and nothing can bring you down. Peace and grace!
man you guys gave and awesome show in bowling green. i had never heard of you guys before but i will definitely tell all my friends. and thanks for the free cd, i love it. god bless you!
man you guys gave and awesome show in bowling green. i had never heard of you guys before but i will definitely tell all my friends. and thanks for the free cd, i love it. god bless you!
Hello Brothers, Just wanted to say I see GOD'S mighty work in your lives, testimonies, and music. Thank you so much for sharing Christ's truth and love. Stay true to Him and to His word! May He bless you (and your families) abundantly...He has certainly used you to bless others abundantly! 2 Thessalonians 3:3,5
Jay - when the enemy presents you with really tough battles, it is because he wants to keep you from the glorious goodness God has in store for you. I am so proud of you and the path you are on sharing the Living Word with so many. Praying for you and the band.
You guys are awesome. Loved your music and testimonies at CLC on Sunday. Keep up the good work. We are praying for you!
I LOVE the new album, especially Seven Woes. You guys have a lot of guts, but someone has to do it!
Glad to see you are coming back to NY. I will definitely be at one of your shows.
Absolutely love the new music guys. I have never seen anyone put the Word to music like you have. Keep preaching the gospel!
Thank you for sharing your great music and awesome testimonies this weekend at St Pauls. May God continue to bless you and your mission for His Kingdom!
Hi Guys!!! Really nice website you have here! Jay, it was soo great talking to you and Josh, Glen and I are looking forward to meeting all of you tomorrow night! By the way, also looking forward to hearing you guys sing :)
Hey, you guys are AWSOME, keep it up no matter what anyone says. I am married to a mormon, trying to raise two kids outside the "law". Found your V/tunes when researching. Put in a prayer for us. If you can come to VA, DC, or MD while on east cost tour, would love it.
Married into a mormon family. My heart goes out to them. My husband is saved according to the Bible, but his brothers and sisters won't give up their sealing to each other. Help me pray for them. thank u so much.
Married into a mormon family, my heart goes out to them for their blindness to the truth. My husband is saved according to the Bible, but his family are all sealed and won't give that up. Please help me pray for them.
So great to meet you all this past week. Great music. Great testimony. Great B&B. My husband and I plan to come and stay at your place in the future and are already trying to find you gigs up here and in VA. Blessings to you all!
you all rocked at the children's ranch! i hope you come back soon!
Can't wait to see you guys again out here in Utah! We love your ministry!
loved the show last night guys! it was great to meet you all. God bless in your future travels.
My son and I picked up your CD at Scoops and we love listening to it. You are Joshua's favorite band!
I saw your testimonies on sacredgrovesonline.org and couldn't believe what I was hearing. I have met countless mormons and mormon missionaries but never knew that this kind of thing happened. I pray for you all and your families. Praise God!
I say your testimonies on sacredgrovesonline.org and couldn't believe what I was hearing. I have met countless mormons and mormon missionaries but never knew that this kind of thing happened. I pray for you all and your families. Praise God!
I was blessed to be raised by loving, strong, Christian parents. I moved to SLC in 2002 after a nasty divorce. I met my current husband online, who was raised Mormon. Thanks to prayer from many friends and family, Del accepted Jesus as his peronal savior in the Spring of 2009, and was baptized as a True believer in Christ in July of 09. His outlook on life is completely changed, and he is looking forward to a wonderful enterninty. Praise His Holy Name for the work He is doing in this state. God Bless each of you.
I heard about you guys on a live chat & had to check it out, My Pop has been LDS since I was 2 yers old & has the posion of high priest for a number of years, but he was raised Lutheran & became penicostal when he marred my Mom, when he left her for another woman she was LDS & he became one too. as you can see I never had much love for mormons (didn't like the legalist churchs I grew up either though). I did study it for a bit my Pop gave me a book of mormon & the pearl of great price & other literature but I couldn't swollow the theoligy, so anyway sorry for the long comment & thank you for your testimony, it gives me a sliver of hope for my Pop & his family.
My husband and I are EX-mormans too. We have been saved for 3 years :)
I have been studying mormonism for the sole purpose of knowing how to pray for my older brother and his family. He is heavily steeped in it (an Elder I believe) after my great gradmother and great grandfather were delivered out of it years ago. Incredible testimony I won't go into know. I found out about you on FB after becoming friends with Sandra Tanner and decided to search for your music. I LOVE it and will be purchasing some of your music. Looks like the Lord has really blessed you. I will be praying for your ministry. Read you will be coming to California. Hopefully some where we can come see you. We are in Sonora about 2 hours from Yosemite. 1&1/2 hours from either Modesto/Stockton and 3 hours from the Bay Area (San Francisco) or Sacramento. Blessings, Carol
Just wanted to you you guys rock! We enjoyed having you at our church in Ft Myers and I hope you come back soon. I am loving the second CD and look forward to the new one this spring. Your testimonies are awesome, never let down. God bless!
You blessed us so much this weekend at Cypress Lake!! And thank you, Matt, for playing for a groupd of por preschool kids today - it was so gracious of you!
It was great having you at our services today at CLUMC!
My husband saw your presentation at First Assembly FT Myers last night. We were both blessed with your testimonies. God will bless you all for what you are doing. Keep doing the Lords work and you will bless more and more people God bless you and the work you are doing for the Kingdom. Dolores Piercey
great sound guys! wow!
Oh Hey! Love the new website! :) I love your new CD as well. God bless you and continue to use you in the years ahead!
Hey Guys I loved having you at GWC for our Christmas Concert. You we're awesome. Hope you all have a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you soon. I love you new website.
Hey Adam's Road, hope you had a merry Christmas. We are looking forward to having you back in Utah. We love you and God bless you always!!
Hey guys, just watned to say Merry Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season and to Him we give all glory and praise. Keep singing for Him!
Hey gentlemen, enjoyed meeting you all the other night at the party. God be with you as you minister the true and living Word. We will be praying for you in your travels.
Hey guys I love the new site! When are you coming back to New York? Can't wait to see you all again. Blessings in the Lord!
Hey Micah, I'm excited to see Calif. might be on your schedule. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know you guys better. Am currently sharing the TRUE gospel with my many LDS friends. God has given me a heart of love for all LDS folks and I was so encouraged when He brought your story and the group across my path. Keep on trusting in Him for guidance. Any suggestions you guys might have for reference material or training to become more equipped in my sharing please feel free to email me. I'll respond. Thanks and May God continue to bless you as you serve HIM!! Dan B
I think your music is great, no matter what anyone says. Continue on spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to the World. We love you Adam's Road!
George, you are right. Everybody does. But thank God He is patient with us as we learn.
You guys have a lot to learn about music, and God too.
I just watched your videos on the bio page, and wow! And knew a little about your testimonies, but the Word spoken through babes has encouraged me in my walk with the Lord. Blessings to you all!
We are blessed to call you friends. Your music speaks to the hearts of the lost and those who know Jesus, as Lord and Savior. Our prayer is that God continues to use you and your music to change lives.
You guys have helped me in my search for the Lord and helped me see the true love and grace of God. Please know that there are people out there who need the message of salvation, especialy those who are trapped in a false religion like Mormonism. God bless you all.
Hi Adam's Road, Thanks for being such a great inspiration to me. Please know that I am daily praying for all of you. Thanks for keeping me your daily prayers as well. May the Lord continue to bless you in the work that He has called you to do. Your website looks awesome! Walking the road with all of you!
I am proud of what you guys are doing. Don't let anyone get you down, but have faith in the Lord and you will always have the strength you need. We are praying for you!
love ya guys God bless
when are you guys coming back to utah?
hey adam's road! great going guys, keep it up
Enjoyed tour tapes
May God continue to bless you and go before you in all you do!!!
May God continue to BLess you and go before you in all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, with you guys, I too am ex-LDS Christian and would do it again--it's amazing. Thanks for your ministry and I'm looking forward to seeing what God's going to do with you guys!!!!
Lv the site, and sounds. Hear you first on HOM, with Shawn McCraney. Great message, great music. Keep rocken the world in his lv. John H. Purcellville, VA
I pray for your band.. May God continue to use you greatly, my brothers.. J
Love you guys! Really phenomenal what you are doing - and giving to us - your music through the love of Jesus Christ. Yea! I am so happy for all of you.
Keep spreading the Word guys!!! Can't wait until you come back to Utah!!!
Way to go guys......God bless!
I SO want my name on the list for the album, Enemy of the Cross and the Christmas Instrumental!!!! By the way, WHERE is the new studio? Keep up the good work guys!
LOVE this new website, Julie notified me as soon as she saw it!! AWESOME!~!!!!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new website! You all are, as always, AWESOME! Love and Miss you!!
You are so inspiring to Mark and I. We love your music and ministry. We pray that God will continue to bless you guys in writing new music and performing and winning the hearts of man to Jesus.
go adam's road